Furniture anchor

Furniture anchor (10 Pack) 2020 upgrade furniture strap is suitable for baby protection, safe 400 pound furniture to prevent falling, anti sharp seismic belt to ensure children's safety

Baby Safety - we know how curious children are. When the baby climbs on the furniture, it may overturn. The good news is that baby protective furniture anchors can help keep furniture safe in case your child pulls out of the dresser drawer, forms a ladder, and climbs up the dresser to have fun. The anchorage keeps the furniture upright even under pressures of up to 400 pounds.


Earthquake proof - tall furniture, such as bookcase, is easy to fall when the ground is rolling and shaking. The use of furniture anchors can prevent furniture from falling. Metal anchors work even in childless homes - some data suggest that adults are also injured by furniture tipping over.


Easy to install - Installation of pointed furniture with fixed dresser and other large furniture can save service life in just a few minutes. Follow the instructions to use all the hardware in the package and install easily with a screwdriver and drill. In addition, you can choose vertical or horizontal side plate installation, suitable for different furniture.


Extensive application - wall anchors can be widely used in a variety of furniture, which may cause unnecessary accidents to young children, such as bookcases, bookshelves, dressers, cabinets and wardrobes. The anti pinch anchor is detachable. If you need to clean the furniture or remove the furniture, you can dismantle it at any time.